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PRICELIST OF EQUITIES – Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016



The Equities market extended a bearish trading in today’s session with a loss of -0.15% to close at 25,461.34bps, while  market capitalization closed at N8.76 trillion. 

Market breadth remained weak as 18 losers led by FO (-9.74%) over 11 gainers led by CHAMPION (+8.41%was recorded on the chart today.

Total volume traded was 120 million shares, valued at N1.19 billion and traded in 2,397 deals. The highest traded Equities in  volume and value were DIAMONDBNK (18,327,540) and NB (N291,367,381.46) respectively.

The Banking index was the only gainer out of the five key sectoral indices’ while the Insurance and Industrial goods closed in different in today’s trading session.

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