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Discretionary Services

Custom Investment Portfolios

GlobalView discretionary portfolio management service can be tailored to suit your individual circumstances, objectives and timescales. For instance, a portfolio can be customized to provide regular revenues to pay for children tuition or higher levels of income to supplement a pension, or an increased risk profile for the purpose of achieving higher levels of capital growth, targeting a future projection or plan.

What are the Benefits?

  • Your investments will be managed by a qualified investment manager.
  • Your portfolio is managed according to your own objectives and risk profile.
  • Your preference of  any sector you do not wish to invest in, such as tobacco, for seemly religiously biased individuals and/or organizations is strictly adhered to.
  • Investments will be made on a timely basis meaning there is no time lag between the decision to invest and the action being taken; as there can be with the advisory service.
  • Periodic statement of valuation based on your frequency preference.
  • You can view your portfolio online using our Client Portal.
  • You will have direct contact with your investment manager and can discuss any questions you have with them.

When establishing a new portfolio we will be happy to meet with you in person.

If you require more guidance with investment decisions or wish to place the management of your portfolio in expert hands, please contact a Portfolio Expert now and we will discuss with you the suitability of this service for your investment dream.