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Complaints Management Policy

Complaints Management

Complaints are valuable source of feedback and important tool for business and staff development. Diligent and prompt attention to complaints can help us identify the needs of our clients and stakeholders, understand our business short comings, increase client satisfaction and improve overall performance.

Complaint is a generic term referring to the expression of dissatisfaction , orally or in writing , about the service or actions of a firm or its staff.

In order to ensure quality service delivery and customer satisfaction, clients are encouraged to make their feelings known to the management on the quality of service received from the staff or the company either orally or in writing.

  1. Oral complaints are to be made to the Managing Director vide personal visit or telephone call to 014539639 .
  2. While all written complaints should also be addressed to the Managing Director, as follows:Globalview Capital Ltd,
    Right House, 43, Adeniyi Jones Avenue,
    Ikeja Lagos.


    send an email to customerservice@globalviewng.com

A written or verbal complaint should include the following:

  • The complainants name and contact details.
  • Full details of the event, dates and places concerning the complaint.
  • The names of others who may have witnessed or have information about the complaint.
  • Any other evidence that supports the complaint.
  • The desired outcome.

All complaints lodged with the firm will be investigated and the outcome of the investigation will be communicated to the complainant within 10 working days.

If a complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation by the firm, he/she may request a review of the complaint by the Association of Stockbroking Houses of Nigeria (ASHON).

Where the Association fails to resolve the issue within a reasonable time, the client is free to escalate the issue to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).

Gabriel Adetun Owope
Managing Director.